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Friday, March 2, 2007

Puffles, Puffles, Puffles, and.... PUFFLES!

Hey Penguins!
Do you just adore puffles and everything about them? Do you wish to be the puffle master? Do you want to know how to make it look like you're a puffle on Club Penguin instead of a penguin? If so, read this entry for everything you ever need to know. And I even know how to make it look like you're a puffle, no kidding! Here's some pictures of me as a puffle:

Okay, so now that you know that you really can "turn into a puffle", now for me to tell how. It's not as cool as it may seem once you know what to do. Okay, I need to get to the point. To become an adorable green puffle, (that's the only kind I know how to become) follow these simple steps.

  1. Go onto the dance floor of the Night Club. See that cute little puffle on the speaker? Walk up to it.

  2. Now walk behind the speaker, and make sure your penguin's name is underneath the puffle.

  3. It should look like how it looks in the pictures. Just to make sure that you're standing in just the right spot, say "hi!", and adjust so that it looks like you're the puffle.

  4. Now this is my favorite part. You can creep out new people to Club Penguin by starting to say things that the puffle would never say, like "Did you know there's a huge puffle party in the dojo? You can go there and adopt all kinds of adorable YELLOW puffles! It's awesome! And if you bring your puffle along you get a free puffle t-shirt!" See if people go to the dojo... it could be funny!

If you want to save money when buying food for your beloved puffles, then this handy glitch is for you:

  1. Click "edit your room".
  2. While in edit mode, feed your puffle!
  3. You'll save your money!
  4. Just so you know, even if you're a nonmember and can't edit your room anyways, this will still work!

Also, if you absolutely LOVE puffles, try Puffle Roundup. It's in the Pet Shop, as you might already know, through the door that says "employees" on it. This game, unfortunately, doesn't have very many cheats. But after playing it several times, I think I may be able to shed some light on the subject!

Okay, tip number one... TAKE YOUR TIME. Even though you are timed, you can catch more puffles this way.

Tip number 2 is as follows... if time is about to run out, as in 4 seconds, get all of the puffles that are uncaptured escape. You'll get more coins!

Tip #3... if a puffle is about to escape, carefully roll your mouse to the top of the screen of your computer, without moving any puffles. Roll your mouse to where the puffle is without getting it onto the playing field. Now, once your mouse is either above or below the puffle (above if the escaping puffle is at the top of the screen, below if it is at the bottom) and move the puffle inward.

Tip Four... Always try to herd as little amount of puffles into the fence at once. This reduces the chances of one escaping.

Hope you "puffle" your way to the top!



Puffle Lover said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I'm going to CP right now to try it out!!!!

-Puffle Lover

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi ! Lol does this actually work? Your cheats are so cool!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I love your cheats!